This just in, Coloradopols has finally gone off the liberal deep end, saying you can never be taxed enough. A meandering and almost incoherent post by the liberal trolls over at ColoradoPols, yelling at their readers that anybody who says they are taxed too much is wrong, is a prime example of why people think liberals are out of touch with reality. Apparently the idea of being “taxed too much” is not even a debatable proposition. Why? Because they've said it over and over again.

Their breathless indignation is the very definition of close-your-eyes and lecture pretentious liberalism:

“…the whole assumption, that your taxes are “too high” at any level is, as we've said over and over, fundamentally, irretrievably, we're-sick-of-arguing-about-it wrong.

Folks, we don't expect it to become a campaign slogan, but we'll say it since somebody really needs to: your taxes are not “too high.” They are not “too high” today, and they were not “too high” in 1999 when they were last cut in in the state of Colorado. Just keep this in the back of your mind at all times: any time somebody says that you are paying more taxes, or “too much,” they are lying to you.” (ColoradoPols emphasis)

We're pretty sure the voters of Colorado might have something to say about that. How dare they think their tax burden is negatively affecting their family's budget, and thus think taxes are “too high.” What nerve!

The post was apparently spurred by another liberal rag, the Huffington Post, covering the job loss study first published on the Peak. The folks over at Pols know that any debate about the number of job losses related to tax hikes is a killer for their cause, and they are pushing back hard. But from the post it's clear that their anger from being rhetorically spanked by the Peak clouded their normally clear and focused writing. It's incoherent rambling nature smacks strongly of Charlie Sheen's rantings after being fired from “Two and a Half Men.”

Why can't everyone have warlock brains like the trolls at Pols? If everyone had tiger blood and Adonis DNA, we'd get how we have too much money in our budgets and need to give it to the government!

And now back to reality…

As we informed our readers last week, the Rollie Heath tax hike, known as Initiative 25, is collapsing, struggling to even get the required 86,000 valid signatures from registered voters to make this November's ballot.

In their desperation to convince somebody, anybody, that taxes are never high enough, the crew at Pols has truly made fools of themselves. 

How can they ever walk back this statement?: “the whole assumption your taxes are “too high” at any level is, as we've said over and over, fundamentally, irretrievably, we're-sick-of-arguing-about-it wrong.” (Peak emphasis)

Good luck with that. 

P.S. ColoradoPols — you're refusal to call the Peak by name or link to anything we write, even when directly addressing it, is beginning to look ridiculous now. Even Huffpo linked to us in their story today. Time to learn how to share the sandbox of spin.