Tax hike proponent Senator Rollie Heath has no credibility. None. After kidnapping a bunch of Douglas County students to prop up his otherwise lame-brained press conference announcing the new tax hike, Rollie refused to acknowledge the whole mess — we (and Douglas County parents) are still waiting for an apology.

Now, a few short weeks hence, Rollie is revving up the propaganda machine, only his arguments are getting a little carried away. In an interview with a liberal special interest group that targets younger voters, New Era Colorado, Rollie Heath complained that Colorado was 51st in the nation for education.

"Investing in education should be our biggest priority. We are ranked 51st in the nation for education and our state wealth is 10th in the nation," said Sen. Heath. "Raising taxes is not hard and by raising taxes, you are investing in education which thus helps better our state and it’s future."

Rollie may think raising taxes is not hard, but apparently getting basic facts about how many states there are in this country is tough.

Who wants to take advice on education from a man who apparently failed 1st grade geography?

But to be fair to Rollie, when he was in school there were only 48 states. It’s tough keeping count.