Another group from the liberal alphabet soup of special interests, big government backers the Bell Policy Center, has come out and endorsed Rollie's sinking ship, we mean tax increase initiative. They're asking for a tax increase, even though legislative economists now say that the state will have $685 million more to spend next year than they thought only a few months ago, more than the tax increase is estimated to bring in.   

What this tells us is they want to hike taxes regardless, additional revenue or not. Maybe they believe as ColoradoPols blared last Friday, that your taxes can NEVER be "too high."

It's late in the game to be coming out in support of this initiative, as the tax hike team has to get 86,000 valid registered voter signatures into the Secretary of State's office by August 1st.

From what we hear it has not been going too well. Many liberals believe the initiative is doomed in this economy and will only sour voters further on groups pushing tax increases. 

In the email, Bell Policy Center describes it using a few new names, potentially hoping a re-branding would rid it of the odious aroma that it has been giving off:

"The Bright Colorado initiative, which is likely to be called Proposition 103 once it receives enough signatures to make the November 2011 ballot, will increase revenues to the state General Fund by $536 million a year through 2016. That money will be used to prevent further cuts to public education in Colorado, from preschool through college."

With independent studies showing up to 119,700 jobs could be lost if the initiative passed, we're pretty sure it won't create a "bright Colorado."

The email also peddles a disproven lie, namely that the funds are guaranteed for education. The Pueblo Chieftain has called Rollie out for this nonsense saying:

"Even though his intent to earmark the money for education is commendable, we've heard that song-and-dance before.

…The taxpayers should be greatly relieved if [Rollie Heath] falls short of petition signatures to make the November ballot. If not, we trust voters will remember that earmarking state revenues for education has proven to be a false promise in the past.”

We hope reporters remember this tidbit if they choose to report on Bell Policy Center tying itself to the tax hike. 

This tax hike is doomed to failure, so it warms our heart to know groups like Bell Policy are intent on going down with the ship. 

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