In a story about a big fight between Denver and Aurora about which city will claim the right to a major economic development prize, the Denver Post found Governor John Hide-en-looper hunkered down in familiar territory.  

On one of the most important economic issues in the Denver metropolitan area, Hick had no comment, no statement, no position, nothing of anything at all to offer.

From The Denver Post:  

"At issue is a planned Aurora hotel and theme park that could get the largest public subsidy the state has ever awarded, and the possible relocation of one of Denver's most beloved institutions — the National Western Stock Show & Rodeo.

Absent from the debate is Gov. John Hickenlooper, who during his eight years as Denver mayor touted regionalism as critical to the health of the city and surrounding communities. He deferred comment, saying the state Economic Development Commission would be involved in approving a possible tax subsidy for the project." (Peak emphasis)

As New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has said repeatedly, political capital is for spending, not for hanging on your office wall and feeling nice about. Hick has high approval ratings, yet feels content just sitting back and marveling at how popular he is, rather than using that political capital to actually govern. 

It's time Hide-en-looper stopped counting his chits and spend some. It's called governing.