Dear Senator Bennet,

Thank you for standing up for us voters without a photo ID. I've been living without an ID card for some time and imagine I am one of the 11% you cited in your letter to the DOJ.

I was so moved by your stance, I decided I would come and tell you directly. Since I need a photo ID to secure employment, I don't have a job and have some free time on my hands. I grabbed all the cash from under my mattress (because the local bank won't let me open an account without an ID) and caught a shuttle to the airport. I would have driven, but, obviously, no license.

I got a great deal on airfare and headed off to the terminal. As I approached security, the TSA agents wouldn't let me through without a photo ID. They said it was a federal law, which is something I want to talk to you about when I arrive.

About out of money after the airfare, I wasn't deterred. So I began hitchhiking across the land of the free. I arrived yesterday in Washington, DC. I spoke with the different drivers about all of the neat things to do and see in the city. But, my very first stop was the people's building, the White House. I inquired about a tour and the nice lady said I typically needed an advance reservation, but they had a family cancel, so they had room. Do you know what she said to me next? She said, “Just need to see your photo ID.” After all that, this people-owned building wouldn't let me in without an ID. I could help put the person into this house with my phone bill, but not actually go inside myself? That doesn't seem fair.

Anyway, still lots to see in DC. My dad served in the Navy, so I thought I'd stop in at the U.S. Navy Museum. Guess what? Photo ID is required there, as well. I stopped in some other places like the Department of Treasury, the Pentagon, the Department of Agriculture, and even the Washington Monument and they all require a photo ID just to look inside.

You and I agree this is a civil rights issue, so I took my complaints directly to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. As I went inside to speak to someone, the person at the front desk asked for my photo ID. Can you believe it?

Looks like all I can do anymore is just vote. Sorry I couldn't stick around for the meeting with you, but it is a long haul home. I would encourage you to send another letter to the DOJ (also requires a photo ID, by the way) asking them to review all of the photo ID requirements in Washington DC. It's not enough to just allow us to vote. We should be able to participate in our Democracy, right? Thanks for your help.