UPDATE: WhoSaidYouSaid has a great video of an unhinged Miklosi ranting about Karl Rove’s mystical and non-existent role in redistricting. All those years working at liberal hacktopia, Progressive Majority, have given Miklosi a bit of a Rove-phobia. Miklosi is apparently still having nightmares about Rove (and maybe American Crossroads ads hitting him). Don’t worry Joe, Karl wouldn’t waste $20 on postage for your race. You have no chance.


Ever since word broke yesterday mornin' that Rep. Joe Miklosi was readying himself for a run against Congressman Mike Coffman, we have been asking around…who in the world is this Joe Miklosi and what in the frick and frack has he ever done to make him think he should be a Congressman?

The answer…Joe Miklosi is a former political campaign staffer who won a super safe state house seat and has been a smiling wallflower in the Legislature ever since.

One Republican regular under the Dome speculated that Miklosi is "tired of making 30k a year, tired of being in the minority, and decided, what the hell?!"

Um, ok. If that is true, Sal Pace isn't the only one jumping ship for a Congressional promotion mostly to get away from the miserly lifestyle of being a minority party skid mark in the lower legislative house.

There really is not much to report here beyond that. Unless the Supreme Court really flogs the redistricting dolphin for Democrats, not only will Miklosi not live in the Congressional District he seeks to represent, but he will also have no chance to win the district that he does not live in.