UPDATE: The Amarillo Globe News has a comprehensive description of the tragic night. It only makes the ripples of resignation talk push stronger, especially considering this quote from the deceased driver’s father: “I don’t like the idea she gets off scot-free.”


News is breaking that Texas law enforcement officials told a grand jury that Senator Suzanne Williams lied to investigators in the aftermath of a car accident where her car struck another vehicle, killing an occupant. 

From Channel 7:

"State police investigators recommended that a Colorado senator be charged with criminally negligent homicide, tampering with physical evidence and injury to a child in a crash that killed a pregnant Amarillo woman, Department of Public Safety records obtained by the Amarillo Globe-News show."

Complete Colorado has also obtained copies of the heartbreaking 911 tapes related to the crash. In one tape you can hear one of the children from the other vehicle call out for their mother, who passed away in the crash. Truly heartbreaking.    

As sad and devastating as this tragedy is, this latest news raises an important question…should Williams resign from the Senate?  

We do not begrudge or second guess the grand jury for its decision not to seek the prosecution of Williams. A number of factors go into that analysis, and we have no reason to question one way or the other whether the grand jury's choice was the right one.  

But just because Senator Williams won't go to jail does not mean that she should keep her job.  

It will be interesting to see how Williams' colleagues in the Senate react.

Will Senate President Brandon Shaffer empanel an investigation?  

Will Republicans call for her resignation?  

What will the Denver Press, and the all powerful Denver Post especially, say and do from an editorial viewpoint in the coming days?  

All sides privately say they are heartbroken for Williams, because she has always shown herself to be generous and kind. But this sad tragedy did happen, a mother did lose her life, she did lie to the police, and so the question of "what's next" for Sen. Williams should be asked.