The howling hooligans on the Left are all spun up about their chances to beat Scott Tipton. Nancy Pelosi’s Super PAC (as if anything Pelosi does could be ‘super’) is already taking Tipton to task for various and sundry items.

But our Republican friends tell us that the big guns in the GOP are sheepishly sitting back, waiting to pick Pace to proverbial pieces over a voting record that is more San Francisco than San Luis Valley.

This is at the end of the day the same Sal Pace who voted for all of the horrible, terrible bills that made Bill Ritter so unpopular that he did not even run for re-election.

Take for example this clip, where Pace is rushing to defend President Obama on gas prices, even though his approval rating on the topic is a laughingly low 34%:

A prominent Republican sent this clip along this afternoon, and said it is just one of many of Sal’s greatest hits. Use your imagination, and think about the 30 second campaign ad that this video clip all but writes for itself.

In an election that will be very much about the economy and energy prices, Sal Pace is on the side of Barry Obama. Figures, because when it comes to the economy and energy, Sal Pace and Barry Obama are one and the same.

Yes, liberal loons, chortle all you want about Scott Tipton. There will come a day for Sal Pace too…and it is coming very soon.