Remember the embarrassing episode that unfolded when then-US Senate candidate Bob Schaffer put an out-of-state mountain in a campaign TV ad instead of a picturesque Colorado peak? Well, we are about to see if Colorado political reporters are objective when it comes to geographic blunders.

Soon after we put up our piece on the Brandon-Mander's official campaign kickoff, a loyal reader forwarded us some gaffe-able screen shots. Just as Shaffer did in the state Senate, he is relying on others to raise his money for him. This time it's ActBlue, the leftist online fundraising website. Problem is it appears Shaffer has already become confused about what Congressional District he is running in.

Shaffer in CD3?

Usually one of the first steps in running for Congress is figuring out what district you're running in. 

We know Shaffer stuck it to Sal Pace during redistricting, who has announced a run in CD3, but we didn't think it was because he was planning on running in a primary against Pace.

You would think a person who spent so much political capital attempting to Brandon-Mander a seat would at least remember what district he tried to gerrymander. 

These are the type of on-the-ground mistakes that happen when Nancy Pelosi’s top lieutenant announces and ostensibly runs your campaign.

Looks like it's going to be a long and disastrous campaign for Shaffer. 

UPDATE: Either Brandon Shaffer changed his mind about which Congressional district to pursue, or his Washington, DC team scrambled to clean up the mess it made when it listed Shaffer running for CD3 and not CD4. It may be a little thing, but it shows neither Shaffer nor his team are ready for prime time. It also hints that the campaign is currently being run by DC people, not Coloradans.