What a surprise. A group tied to Nancy Pelosi is caught lying and getting facts wrong. Maybe Pelolsi's Super PAC is being run with Pelosi's strategy on Obamacare — they have to run the ad to find out if they're lying.

Last week, cease-and-desist letters were sent to radio stations running attack ads hitting Tipton that were paid for by Nancy Pelosi's Super PAC, the House Majority PAC. The ads contained the false statement that Tipton hired his nephew in his Congressional office. 

What Tipton did was continue the contract that his Democrat predecessor, John Salazar, had initiated with a company for telephone townhalls. The tele-townhall company uses technology licensed from a company owned by Tipton's nephew. This never really was a news story because Tipton didn't start using a company connected to his family, he just continued a contract that provided the best price and was begun by his former campaign opponent. 

All three major papers that reach the 3rd Congressional District–The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, The Denver Post and The Pueblo Chieftain–all covered the pulling of the false ads. The Sal Pace newsletter, aka The Pueblo Chieftain, even called it a "political victory" for Tipton. 

Most observers expect the 3rd CD to be a race dominated by negative ads against Tipton. With the first such negative assault being pulled for lying, and getting more coverage for the lying than the attacks, it's not a good sign for Tipton's declared challenger, Sal "The Fist" Pace. 

Pelosi's Super PAC spokesman claims that one of the stations, KNZZ, only pulled the ad because it is a conservative station. Notably the spokesman didn't try to make any excuses for why KMOZ, a country music station, pulled the ad. It's notable because there was no flippant response to their decision to pull the ad, other than the truth, which wouldn't work very well for Pelosi's PAC staffer. That is because the ad is a lie.

Tipton is in for a long campaign of attack ads financed by the Wicked Witch of the West herself. It's a good sign he was able to push back effectively and quickly to the opening salvo.