OUR VIEW: It's an odd electoral strategy — I'm running for Congress. To represent whom? Whomever. I just want a job in Congress.   

The announcement of state Representative Joe Miklosi's Congressional campaign for the 6th Congressional district this morning marks the third Democrat to announce for Congress before even knowing if they'll live in the district they seek to represent. It's an interesting tale of ambition above all else.

Senate President Brandon-Mander Shaffer told the AP he doesn't care if the new district lines put his home outside the 4th Congressional district, he's running for Congress in the 4th CD either way. House Minority Leader Sal Pace has been campaigning for a month already in CD3, including Grand Junction, despite the fact that his own party's redistricting plan included forcing Grand Junction into CD2 with Boulder.

Joe Miklosi's announcement that he will move into the 6th Congressional district when district lines are drawn is potentially the most brazen of them all. From the AP:

"Miklosi currently lives in southeast Denver, not the 6th Congressional District. Miklosi says he'll move to the 6th District as soon as a court settles on new district lines."

He is readily admitting he is chasing a district to run in, rather than looking to be the voice of a community he cares about.

This blinded-by-ambition group of pols is also a sad statement on the Colorado Democrat party. Shaffer is term-limited and looking for his next taxpayer funded gig. Sal Pace has never had a real gig outside government or politics and neither has Miklosi. Both Pace and Miklosi are sick of being minority party skid marks in the lower legislative house and hoping for a pay raise above the measly 30k they rake in for their current gigs. 

Voters don't generally reward candidates looking to move up the totem pole for the mere fact that they have nothing better to do or want a raise. Where are the small business owners or community leaders running for Congress? All the Democrats can cough up is some warmed over legislative losers who want a job in Congress, regardless of whom they will represent?

Democrats may complain that waiting until district lines are drawn is very late in the campaign cycle. Of course, had the Brandon-Mander not been so worried about his own political future above all else, there might be a redrawn Congressional map completed already. The lines aren't drawn because of Shaffer's ambition, and now he's running for Congress regardless of the lines, because of his ambition. 

It's an odd electoral strategy — I'm running for Congress. To represent whom? Whomever. I just want a job in Congress.