After dressing up as Cliff Claven to announce his Congressional campaign via Youtube, Brandon Shaffer has decided that the fact that he is a candidate is all he is going to share. No need to tell voters of the 4th Congressional district where he stands on issues.

A couple of news reports highlighted in an email by the NRCC demonstrate how ridiculous Shaffer makes himself look. After Shaffer tells the Fort Collins Coloradoan that "it's time for people just to get straight talk," he proceeds to offer no such "straight talk."

Let's briefly review the issues that Shaffer has refused to comment on:

  • Cap and Trade energy tax legislation
  • Bush tax cuts
  • EPA overreach
  • Balanced Budget amendment
  • Debt ceiling
  • Deficit reduction 

And that's just in two interviews with the Coloradoan and the AP.

Either Shaffer is waiting on internal campaign polling to tell him what position is popular or Shaffer doesn't have any clue about these subjects. Either way, it's telling about his campaign. Why is he embarking on a campaign to go to Congress if he doesn't have a position on what he would do if he got there?

Hope and change sloganeering doesn’t cut it as the basis of a campaign anymore. Obama has ensured that.

If you don't know where you stand, Brandon, why are you running?