Just when you thought your mailbox, radio and TV were going to be given a reprieve from lies, damn lies and Democrat 527 ads, something like this happens. First it was Nancy Pelosi's Super PAC lying about Scott Tipton, and having their radio ads pulled over the lies. Now it's a subsidiary of ProgressNow sending out negative mail pieces full of distortions and lies about Colorado state House Republicans. A subsidiary with no transparency, whatsoever.  

Thinking they were being sneaky, ProgressNow registered the shell group "The Colorado Facts Project" and have been sending out vicious lies about Republicans in competitive state House seats. See left for an example of a hit against Rep. Libby Szabo (R-Arvada). Szabo has been the recipient of more negative attacks from Tim Gill aligned groups than almost any other member of the Legislature. Between her unsuccessful state Senate campaign in 2008 and her win in her state House race last year, Szabo has seen hundreds of thousands spent attacking her character.

Why are these Tim Gill and heiress Pat Stryker funded groups attacking Szabo and other state House members like Robert Ramirez who live in competitive districts? The Democrat money train is trying to buy back the state House. As outlined in the "The Blueprint" deep-pocketed Democrat donors in Colorado realize that a few hundred thousand dollars in negative attacks can help flip a state House seat.  

Groups like "The Colorado Facts Project" spend more money in negative, false attack ads than the candidates themselves are able to raise. They flood their constituents' mailboxes with enough lies often enough that they begin to have an effect.  

Here at the Peak we are dedicated to pushing these malicious assaults into the open, where public scrutiny can take place and expose the liberal lies and moneyed interests funding the attacks.  

It is beyond ironic to the point of infuriatingly hypocritical for ProgressNow to hold protests against the Koch brothers for hosting conferences to discuss conservative politics while at the same time sending out mail pieces full of lies paid for by their liberal special interests — with no disclosure of course.  

So how about a little bargain: the Koch brothers and their funding partners will disclose who’s writing checks when the cabal of left wing stealth donors do the same?

Not interested? Not consistent? Not concerned with dripping hypocrisy? Didn’t think so. That is all you need to know about ProgressNow.