A loyal reader sends in an almost too-good-to-be-true piece of news. Readers of the Denver focused magazine, 5280, chose Obama as the politician they'd most like to vote out of office. The runner up? Governor Hickenlooper.

If these two Dems have lost their Denver base, things are worse off for them politically than popular wisdom suggests. 

Of course, the 5280 "poll" was unscientific and meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but we have to laugh that Big O and Big Hick top Denver voters list of bums to chuck overboard. 

Obama has the most to worry about with tidbits like this. Most observers see a tough re-election for Obama here in Colorado. It's been the site of some of his highest highs and lowest lows. After hosting the Democrat National Convention in 2008 to adoring crowds, he returned to sign the failed and failing stimulus bill, which is widely viewed as a colossal waste of money.

Maybe Denver voters remember Obama's promise that if he spent nearly a trillion extra dollars of taxpayer money that unemployment wouldn't pass 8%. That one is going to continue to hurt all the way to the day he packs up his linens in the Lincoln bedroom. 

As for Hick? He's got a few years to earn back the liberal love. We're betting that comes in the form of support for a tax increase next year.