OUR VIEW: Anyone who views Obamacare exchanges as a gold-mine shouldn't be in charge of creating the rules for health exchanges.  

Governor Hickenlooper has now badly botched appointments to two boards. Yesterday, it was the news that both top donors to his campaign and disgraced Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr were appointed by Hickenlooper to the Gaming Commission, after he summarily removed all of the previous members for voting for a tax cut for casinos.

Today it's Michael Booth of The Denver Post pointing out some serious conflicts of interest from Hickenlooper's appointments to the newly-created health-insurance-exchange board.

From the damning article:

"Four of the board's nine members are executives with managed-care or insurance companies likely to benefit from the many Coloradans who will buy insurance and care through the exchanges. Hundreds of millions of dollars in state spending and new federal subsidies are in play as the board designs the exchange.

…Eric Grossman, the TriZetto vice president appointed to the board by Gov. John Hickenlooper, recently wrote an article exhorting health-insurance executives, "There's gold in exchanges — here's how to stake your claim."

You can practically smell the corruption emanating from this mess. Executives are simply not going to vote against their company’s (and their own) financial interests, especially ones that smelled the blood in the water as soon as the idea was proposed. A Hickenlooper spokesperson said there was nothing inherently bad about the appointments, though they admitted to not knowing about the “gold-mine” statement prior to the appointment.

Real bang-up job on vetting. Has the Hick admin heard of The Google or The Internets?

This is like appointing the sitting President of Lockheed Martin to the Defense Acquisition Board.

Whether you love or hate exchanges, we don’t know of anyone who would want it to become a vessel for corporate welfare.

Hickenlooper may be sitting pretty politically for now, but with continued bad decisions like this, he will see his poll numbers fall fast.

Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net