Two new national ad buys are out by the RNC and Crossroads GPS aimed at hitting Big Barry O on his bone headed economic policies. The RNC buy is scheduled for four weeks on national cable channels. Politico's David Catanese reports that Crossroads is putting a hefty $7 million into its ad buy, which it is combining with some US Senate seat specific ad buys into states that will be highly contested in 2012.

The RNC ad focuses on the wrong direction Obama's tax and spend policies have set this country in, using a car going off the road as an analogy. As the Daily Caller notes, it's one of the first major ad buys to hit Obama on taxes specifically, mentioning the "$500 billion in higher taxes" under his watch. 

The Crossroads ad is a brilliant spin-off of Hillary Clinton's 3 AM ad. It uses 3 AM as the time a mother wakes up in the middle of the night worrying about the economy and how what Obama has done has only made things worse. It's not your typical political ad and the narrator expresses common fears and concerns echoed throughout the country, making it potentially one of the most powerful ads of the cycle so far. 

The Crossroads ad hits Colorado airwaves today. Coming on the heels of the news that unemployment has risen to 9.2% it is likely to knock Obama down a peg or two in the Centennial State.