Last week an explosive revelation hit the pages of the New York Times. A book on Obama's mother by New York Times journalist Janny Scott finds that Obama completely made up the story about his mother's struggle with insurance companies over her cancer treatment.

Obama told the American people his mother's insurance company refused to cover the cancer treatments, calling the cancer a pre-existing condition, when he was desperately trying to become President and then again while trying to shove Obamacare through Congress.

He used the story to play on people's heart strings. Who would oppose a bill that would have supposedly saved Obama's mother from fighting the insurance companies until her dying day?

Turns out it was all a lie. His mother's cancer treatments were paid by the insurance company. What his mother did struggle with was disability insurance, something completely unrelated to health insurance coverage. From the New York Times book review:

In her book, published in May by Riverhead Books, Ms. Scott writes that Mr. Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, had an employer-provided health insurance policy that paid her hospital bills directly, leaving her “to pay only the deductible and any uncovered expenses, which, she said, came to several hundred dollars a month.”  

…Disability insurance, which primarily replaces wages lost to illness, was never at issue in the legislative debate over the Affordable Care Act.

We highly doubt Obama would apologize to the American people for duping them to pass legislation. Obama has never been known for his modesty or honesty. 

We can only hope it comes up in a Presidential debate next year when not only will Obama have to address it, but his Republican opponent won't let him soft-peddle an excuse like a fawning press corps would. 

Imagine if Tom Tancredo completely made up a story of an illegal immigrant killing his mother in order to pass an illegal immigration bill. Do you think that might be a story?