Complete Colorado over the weekend reported that Rollie Heath's Tax Hike Team had slipped a pro-tax hike piece of literature into back-to-school packets for parents of students from an Adams County school district. It was almost clearly produced by the same studious staff who put together the back-to-school packet. 

A legal source informs the Peak that the school district could be in serious hot water over "misappropriation of funds." Regardless of whether the flyer was printed by the school, school resources were used to mail the flyer to school parents. 

While it is not technically electioneering communications, as the flyer doesn't ask readers to vote one way or the other, it is undoubtedly paid political speech that attempts to convince readers of the necessity of passing the tax hike. And that has no legal basis for being paid for with taxpayer funds.

First, Rollie Heath kidnapped school age kids to promote his ill-begotten tax hike. Now the Boulder Senator has expanded the reach of his political racket, kidnapping taxpayer resources too. This tax hike roll out has quickly become the poster child for "How Not To Run A Ballot Initiative." 

It is also doing some significant damage to future efforts to raise taxes, as every inch of column space this tax hike garners is either negative or dimwitted. It has made tax loving liberals look downright desperate and amateur. 

Rollie almost got a school teacher fired over his kidnapping of kids, and now he may get a school district employee fired for misusing school resources. Is this Rollie's idea of a jobs program?

Is it really worth getting someone fired over an initiative that is looking likely to not even make the ballot?

To Rollie Heath, apparently the answer is yes. 

Image: Salvatore Vuono /