If you were hoping to ascertain Senator Michael Bennet's position on the swarm of major issues involved in the debt ceiling debate, you were sadly disappointed when you read an email on the subject from Colorado's junior Senator last week.

Because instead of taking a position on the debt ceiling, entitlement reform, the McConnell Plan, or the Obama luxury jet tax hike plan, Bennet sent an email from Washington to Colorado asking Coloradans to sign a petition urging Washington to act on a debt crisis.

Never mind what, how, or why — Senator Bennet just wants action.

Michael Bennet, you're a joke…if you want action, call a meeting, introduce a bill, reach across the aisle, take a position. Simply put, do something that a U.S. Senator does instead of playing the part of Johnny Thumb Up My Crack.

Bennet, clearly, is posturing…hiding is actually the more accurate term. The Democrats are paralyzed by fear and instead of acting on the nation's debt crisis, they are obfuscating…calling for action even as they refuse to act.

This preposterous email from Bennet is a prime example of what is wrong with Washington politicians. Check out how he begins his email:

"Beginning with the Founders, Americans have met great challenges through hard-work, inclusiveness, and courage. These challenges are overcome only when the leaders of the day have the courage to transcend short-term incentives and political imperatives to do something of greater importance. These American attributes enabled us to end the Civil War, overcome the Great Depression, and march toward civil rights. They have empowered us to accomplish smaller, yet still important things such as working together in the 1980s to protect and preserve Social Security."

Thankfully the Founders didn't have an email list they could blast with a cop-out, otherwise we may never have had a Constitution. It is the pinnacle of DC hypocrisy to not act, but rather encourage your political supporters to pester your opponents to act instead. 

Bennet ends his email saying "let’s make sure Washington hears Colorado’s voice loud and clear." That's your job, Michael. How about you start doing it?