We know state Representative Joe Miklosi has chutzpah (silent c). It takes some serious cojones to announce to the world that you would move wherever the court draws the 6th Congressional district. Now it appears Miklosi is claiming to know how the court will draw the 6th CD. In Miklosi's most recent fundraising plea, he makes some claims about the ultimate nature of the district he is chasing.

How else to explain this line?

"I am running for Congress in Colorado’s soon-to-be-formed, competitive, 6th Congressional District because I want to restore job growth and economic growth so every Coloradan can achieve their unique version of the American Dream."

Considering in 2010 Mike Coffman won 66-31, it would take a pretty dramatic gerrymander to make that district competitive. Is Miklosi privy to the court's decision despite the fact that the court hasn't ruled or even heard the case yet?

Or is he just delusional? As Miklosi has no relationship with the constituents in CD6, as he represents Denver, and he has no real legislative accomplishments to claim as his own, what makes him think he stands a chance? After all, it's not like Miklosi is a Bob Greenlee who can make an otherwise safe district suddenly competitive based on their role as a community leader and accomplished individual. Nor can Miklosi self-fund like Greenlee did in 1998 in CD2.

No, it's just Miklosi trying to spin donors in the hopes they might drop a few dollars in his campaign kitty for what is sure to be a useless, quixotic campaign. In that spirit, liberal donors — donate away!

The best part of the email? The signature:

Joe Miklosi
Colorado State Representative
Democratic Candidate for Congress – Soon-to-be-formed 6th Congressional District

As the district can't be formed until at least October, when the court hears the case, this is a pretty ridiculous tag line. 

Looks like it will be another easy coast to re-election for Mike Coffman. Unless Joe Miklosi knows something that the rest of the world doesn’t.