To hell with J-O-B-S. Brandon Shaffer has bigger priorities…the A-F-L-C-I-O.

The AFL-CIO is out with their legislative scorecard and our readers won't find it surprising that they trashed conservatives and lauded liberals. The union stooges have a well known history of being the financiers and puppeteers of many a Democrat politician. They spend heavily on behalf of Democrats' campaigns and expect them to march to their tune when voting time comes.

The legislative scorecard makes clear most Democrats ask "how high?" when told to jump by the AFL-CIO. Or in Sal Pace's case, he asks where he can put his fist

Senate President Brandon-Mander Shaffer was praised as their top lemming, racking up a perfect score of 100 (h/t Lynn Bartels). That is not going to play well in the conservative-leaning 4th Congressional district. As we informed our readers back in March, even in the liberal-leaning Ft. Collins, voters have rejected collective bargaining for public employees three times at the ballot box. 

So Shaffer has proven himself to be a labor stooge on the state level. Now that he's running for federal office, shouldn't he be required to at least state his opinion on federal legislation? So far he's avoided taking a position on anything related to Congress, other than the fact that he wants a job there. 

With a perfect score from the AFL-CIO in Colorado, surely Shaffer must support the union-backed “card check” legislation. Would it be fair to assume he supports such anti-democratic legislation, unless he says otherwise? Since he's done the bidding every time the AFL-CIO has asked in Colorado, wouldn't it be natural to assume he would do the same in Congress?

Paging the political press corps: What say you Shaffer?