Chuck Plunkett once wrote: "Ah, the political blogosphere, where you so often just don't know." An apt assessment. Then there's Youtube, where so often you just don't know what the hell is going on.    

A source sends along a quickly growing Youtube sensation that stars state Senate President and CD4 Congressional candidate Brandon Shaffer.

All of them try to answer the essential question: Who is Brandon Shaffer?

From the Land of the Rising Sun we are told Brandon Shaffer is a toaster. Who can fly.

Our friends at Google Translate tell us the Japanese narrator says: "Why is Brandon Shaffer toaster? This video describes the most auspicious events that take place on the Internet."  

Our sources in Tokyo report that this interpretation has become popular wisdom in elite political circles.    

We don't get it. Maybe "Brandon Shaffer is a toaster" is some sort of koan like the sound of one hand clapping.

But the videos are catchy:    

The flip side of the coin, offered via vocal accompaniment by Colorado natives Matt Stone and Trey Parker, is that Brandon Shaffer is, in fact, a gay fish. (Warning: graphic language)

We think we can settle this raging internet debate before it gets out of hand, but we need the media’s help.

Since Shaffer won't answer any questions about his actual issue positions, we ask that reporters try to get him on the record on one very important question:  

Senator Shaffer, do you like fish sticks?

UPDATE: A reader points out the Urban Dictionary definition of “Gay Fish” is:

A person who’s ego has become so large that it severely distorts their perception of reality.

Example: Kanye West has become a bit of a gay fish. If he’s not careful he’ll wind up like Michael Jackson.

Kind of tilts the debate, doesn’t it?