Sal Pace has already begun to show his thin skin to the media. After getting outraised in the second quarter by Congressman Scott Tipton, Pace felt his hometown paper, the Pueblo Chieftain, should report that he worked the hardest. It wasn't fair that they reported the facts on what each candidate raised and from whom. Pace wanted more credit and he let the Chieftain know it.

An article in the Pueblo Chieftain by Peter Roper failed to mention how extra special hard Pace worked raising money and Pace was not pleased. So, according to Roper, Pace called and emailed multiple times to express his displeasure at not being accorded the proper praise. 

When that didn't succeed at garnering him the coverage he felt he so richly deserved he rang up Pat Stryker and asked her to rustle up some of her liberal lackies to attack Peter Roper for not acceding to his demands. 

Sure enough, ColoradoPols threw up a post attacking Peter Roper, calling his article "sunny, but wrong." Roper saw this for what is was — Pace's way of getting back at Roper and he responded in kind, commenting on the article saying:

"That story ran side-by-side with a similar report on Mr. Pace's fund-raising, detailing who was giving to his campaign as well. These were news reports, not commentary (see The Fixer) and were intended to inform readers on who was contributing money to the candidates (not debts owed.) Mr. Pace called and sent several emails complaining that he was not credited with outworking Tipton for the quarter. I see he made the same complaints here. — Pete Roper"

Ouch! Sal Pace exposed for begging for a media handout in only the first quarter of his campaign.

Other reporters beware: if you do not cover Sal Pace as Sal Pace thinks you should cover him, you'll be hearing from Sal Pace. If that doesn't work, you'll be called out on ColoradoPols.

Considering this is the way Pace treated what Speaker McNulty jokingly refers to as the Sal Pace Newsletter, we wouldn't want to find out how he'll deal with reporters from other papers. He might just be willing to put his…um…his…his fist where he needs to put it.