Paging state House Democrats: don't bother Hickenlooper with your petty fights over reapportionment. He doesn't care. His indifference to his party's howls over newly approved metro-area state House lines has highlighted how childish and whiny House Democrats are being over reapportionment. 

Democrats got their preferred lines in practically every state Senate district, to the chagrin of state Senate Republicans, and ended up in strong positions in many state House districts, including the one Democrat-controlled seat in El Paso County. The one place Democrats didn't get their way was with recently approved state House lines in the metro area. Boo-hoo. You can't get everything you want in reapportionment.

The complaints are petty and scream of hypocrisy coming from a party that shredded rural Colorado for partisan advantage during redistricting. The Capitol Democrats' complaints have so little merit that Hickenlooper won't even waste his breath commenting on them. 

Check what Hick told Tim Hoover of The Denver Post:

"The commission is made up of five Democrats, five Republicans and Carrera, the lone unaffiliated member appointed by Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Bender.  

Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, said Bender made clear that he wanted a balanced commission, and Hickenlooper said he thought Carrera was "fair-minded" and that the commission was likely "to come away with a fair outcome."

In other words, House Democrats — stop crying crocodile tears, wipe the snot from your nose, and deal with it on your own.

Hick didn't lift a finger or take a side in redistricting. And now, at the great peril of State House Democrats, he doesn't seem inclined to get involved in reapportionment either.