Today at the Executive Committee of the Legislative Council, Democrat members John "Per Diem" Morse, Sal Pace and Brandon Shaffer all voted to not support voters' Constitutional right to vote on tax increases. The motion asked the Executive Committee to take a position in support of voters on their rights laid out in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR), that has been law for almost 20 years in Colorado. 

It was not a surprise for Morse, as Morse has never been a big fan of following existing law and statutes when it comes to spending. 

But it's a whole 'nother ball game for Brandon Shaffer and Sal Pace, who are in the middle of congressional campaigns where their number one task is to seem moderate on taxes and the economy.

Of course, Pace is now likely to have a well-funded primary opponent, who he is going to have to out-flank on the left. But if he makes it through the primary, today's vote will not be a positive in the conservative-leaning 3rd Congressional district. 

For Shaffer, a vote to not take a position is a perfect encapsulation of his campaign so far. Other than his desire to be a Congressman, voters don't know a whole heck of a lot about what Shaffer would support or oppose if he got there. 

The fact that these two yahoos can't even come to terms with the less-than-radical proposition that voters should vote on tax hikes is a sign of just how liberal and out-of-touch they are. 

What would you expect from the very people who rubber stamped every tax increase that Bill Ritter and other Liberal Loons put in front of them for the past several years?