What do former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb and Dog The Bounty Hunter have in common? That is, other than cartoonish names. Why, they were both caught in bald-faced lies by Colorado Sheriffs this week.

Video obtained by the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel proved that Dog The Bounty Hunter was lying when he said he didn't use too much pepper spray on a suspect and properly cleaned him up before bringing him to the Sheriff's Department. The video showed people in the lobby of the Sheriff's Department having coughing fits from the excess pepper spray on the suspect. Score one for Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey. 

But at least in the Dog The Bounty Hunter situation the only person truly harmed was a suspected meth head. 

Wellington Webb, as we reported last night, was caught in an even more embarrassing and damaging lie by Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson. After claiming that Republicans had used "black and brown inmates" of an Arapahoe County prison as "pawns for political advantage," Sheriff Robinson supplied legislators with the facts proving Webb was an outright liar. 

Webb's lie was far more damaging as the Denver Post printed his allegations for all to read. When an African American leader calls Republicans racists it carries a great deal of weight. 

Either way, it's a bad week to take on Sheriffs in Colorado. Both Dog and Wellington fought the law and the law won.