Senate President and CD4 Congressional Candidate Brandon Shaffer is barely into his campaign and already he is being caught lying. In a press release blasting Speaker Frank McNulty for his remarks to the Aging Commission on House Republican's intent to bring back the homestead tax credit for seniors next legislative session, Shaffer's press office included a quote from the nonpartisan Chairwoman that she never made.

The Senate Majority Office press release claimed the Chairwoman had said she allowed McNulty to make his remarks merely out of deference to his position, leaving the impression that McNulty's remarks were not appropriate. 

In fact, no such thing was ever said by the Chairwoman.

Nice going, Brandon. 

The Chairwoman, Vivian Stovall, said this to the Pueblo Chieftain about Shaffer's screw up:

“I did not say that. That is a misinterpretation. The speaker of the House is always welcome, as is any elected official, to attend our meeting. He did not ask us and we did not control the type of thing he was saying. I don’t think it was made up. I think it was an unfortunate misunderstanding and the statement should not have been part of their press release.”

As Senate President, Shaffer is the highest ranking Democrat in the state Senate and the Democrat press office reports directly to him.  

As of Monday at 2 pm the press release still includes the quote from Chairwoman Stovall that she denies making.  

If this is how Shaffer behaves in the state Senate, it is not a good sign for his future in the US Congress. There are already enough Members of Congress who struggle with the truth.

We don’t think voters are in any rush to send another.