by Richard Lewis

Aurora Resident

President & C.E.O of RTL Networks

2011 9news Leader of the Year

Since meeting Ryan Frazier nearly a decade ago, I have watched as he worked diligently as an at-large member of Aurora City Council. With a proven track record of fiscal prudency, Ryan Frazier has a wealth of military, business and public experience along with many fresh ideas for how to make the City of Aurora a better place to live. I strongly support his candidacy for Mayor of Aurora.

As a business owner and service disabled veteran, I realize that Aurora is a large and diverse city with plenty of room for growth. Ryan Frazier has worked in both small and large businesses and also understands that job creation is essential for our city to thrive. I know that Ryan will continue to be on the front lines to help Aurora attract strong businesses in our city’s interests.

Having proudly served our country in the U.S. Navy for 5 years, Ryan Frazier is the only veteran running for Mayor of Aurora and I believe that his military service has afforded him unique experiences – which will certainly be beneficial to him in his service to the city. Ryan has also come to realize the importance of public safety. Ryan has been a steadfastness supporter of our city’s law enforcement and fire rescue personnel and has publicly stated that he will continue to work with them to make sure they have what they need to protect and serve Aurora.

I have had the privilege of getting to know Ryan beyond his public life and have discovered that even in all of his community work, family is still the most important thing to him. As you get to know Ryan Frazier for yourself he will tell you – as he always tells me – that in the crazy world of politics, his children are what help keep him grounded and give him perspective. I’m sure that we all can agree that all of Aurora’s children deserve a top-notch education – one that will equip them for their future careers. As a co-founder of an Aurora public charter school, Ryan’s deep commitment to education is evident.

Ryan Frazier appeals to a variety of statewide and national audiences with his matchless ambitions and experience. If you have not yet, I hope that all of you get the chance to meet Ryan and to talk to him about his vision for the future of Aurora and about the things that motivate him to serve. Aurora has been looking for a balanced leader who truly understands the range of issues and matters of importance that are unique to the city itself. Ryan Frazier is that leader. I have witnessed his ability to understand and communicate with business leaders while organizing and executing a school supply drive for underprivileged children on the other.

Ryan Frazier represents a new generation and if he is elected Mayor, I know that he will be a strong advocate for the interests of Aurora as well as the rocky mountain region. I hope that you will join me and so many others in supporting Ryan Frazier for Mayor of Aurora, Colorado.