UPDATE: After a doubtless downpour of squawking from the liberal blogosphere, the paper of record in Washington added a few more blogs to their “best blogs” list. To these scrappy upstart blogs…Colorado Pols and Squarestate to be specific…we say welcome to the club. Maybe next time you can make it on the first try.


Only a few years ago, liberals dominated the online world of politics in Colorado. Conservatives fretted that they were fast falling behind in the new arena of politics, to the point that they would never be able to catch up.

Oh, how things have changed!

Today, the Washington Post named the best state-based political blogs in the country and in Colorado, other than Denver Post's The Spot, conservative websites swept the awards. ColoradoPols didn't even garner a mention.

Before tooting our own horn, we must give recognition to our friends over at Complete Colorado and Peoples Press Collective for making the list as well. They have been around fighting the good fight far longer than us, and have helped lead the way to a new conservative (online) revolution in Colorado. 

Recognition from the gold standard of political journalism via The Washington Post is big news for a little ol' blog like ours, especially considering we've been on the scene barely six months. We owe a great debt of gratitude and thanks to the readers who nominated us. We greatly appreciate your support, feedback and inside tips that have made the site what it is today. 

For too long, conservatives were relegated to the comment section of newspaper articles or Coloradopols posts in order to get their message out. If there was a piece of news being steadfastly ignored by the mainstream media, there was no place to go to read about it. 

Sure, talk radio has always existed as a bastion of conservative thought and news. But radio segments and stories don't show up in Google searches. Nor are they easily shareable. 

The internet is important because it gives the power of news aggregation back to the people. You don't need millions of dollars and a paid circulation of thousands to impact the political conversation. In some cases, a free Facebook account and a sizeable friend list is all you need to change the game. 

When an article is shared by dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people, the mainstream news media is forced to sit up and pay attention.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to explain the Colorado political world as we see it. Your Facebook shares and Tweets of our articles have given our stories legs they would never have without your support. 

Conservatives are taking back the internet(s) and it's sure to drive liberals crazy. Without control of the internet, they only dominate the mainstream newspapers, TV stations and most universities. 

Sorry, ColoradoPols, like Rollie Heath and his tax hike, your best days are behind you.