In one simple stroke, John Hickenlooper may have inadvertently blown up the blowhard-ed and BS-laced arguments being systematically spewed by environmentalists all over the countryside that hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") is unsafe to the nation's drinking water supplies.

In advocating for new disclosure requirements, Hickenlooper said it was "inconceivable" that hydraulic fracturing was harming groundwater.  

Take that New York Times. Take that Gasland. Take that radical tree-hugging anti-drilling environmental wackos.    

The context of Hick's comments were focused on new requirements that oil and gas companies disclose their fracking fluids in order to prove what is known…that fracking is and has been safe. No biggie there, apparently. The state's oil and gas association yesterday embraced the concept, and many companies in Colorado are already doing it themselves on the web.

The real news is that Hick apparently thinks Gasland is bogus. So did former Governor Bill Ritter’s head of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

The popular John Hickenlooper apparently believes Congresswoman Dianne DeGette's jihad against fracking to be inconceivably stupid.  

Governor Hickenlooper was not ostensibly persuaded by the New York Times phony reporting on the subject.

In a nut shell, Hick made his position known…hydraulic fracturing is safe, and the enviros and media who are bent on saying otherwise are full of bull.  

Hickenlooper said it is inconceivable that hydraulic fracturing harms groundwater. It is equally inconceivable that the environmentalists’ heads weren't sent popping on reports of Hick's pro-fracking statements.

And the Oscar for most compelling statement on hydraulic fracturing goes to…John Hickenlooper.