UPDATE: Lynn Bartels informs us that the Speakers’ race baiting bromides were not initiated by the Hancock operation. To you, we relay this. That doesn’t excuse the context or content of Carroll’s perfectly stupid accusation that Westword’s “whip it, whip it real good” audio is racist. Nor does it change the punchline…Mr. Speaker, get a life. Still, we correct the record, truth-tellers that we are.


Our view: The former Speaker needs to get a new shtick…and a life.  

Terrance Carroll knows a lot about race baiting. Maybe he learned it from Wellington Webb.

But Terrance Carroll knows exactly jack and squat when it comes to Western cowboys.    

Yesterday, the Post's prolific scribe Lynn Bartels took the liberal publication Westword to task for a blog item where the publication deservedly mocked Mayor Michael Hancock's new and silly DIA greeting.  

Here is the greeting.

Here is Westword's blog item.  

Apparently the Hancock Camp didn't take kindly to Westword's mocking. They trotted out former Democratic House Speaker Terrance Carroll to take Westword down to size. Carroll said Westword's mocking whip was reminiscent of a symbol of slavery.

“It sounds like a slave master’s whip,” [Carroll] said, adding he, too, doesn’t detect any rodeo twang in Hancock’s greeting. “And American cowboys don’t use whips. Australian cowboys do.”

Oh no he didn't?

Oh yes he did?

Oh no he didn't?!?!  

Carroll, best known in political circles as an outsized personality whose singular notable accomplishment as Speaker was to unwittingly help Frank McNulty and Amy Stephens take control of the state house by running an awful political operation, is also known for dropping the racial dime when it gets his name in the paper.

And apparently it still works for the former Speaker.  

Who knew…Americans no longer whip horses. Apparently the Speaker hasn't gone to bet on the Ponies recently.  

Carroll's pronouncement will come as a surprise to John Velazquez who whipped the hell out of Animal Kingdom to win the Kentucky Derby. 

It will also come as news to this guy:   

We say, the former Speaker needs to get a new shtick…and a life.

Barack Obama is President.    

Michael Hancock is Mayor.  

You were Speaker of the Colorado House.    

Herman Cain won the Colorado GOP straw poll last weekend.

Newsflash…The 14th Amendment is law, slavery is over, Jim Crow is dead, and Westword is no more racist than Terrance Carroll is still relevant.

(photo via our Facebook friend Terrance Carroll)