In the race to raise resources for Aurora mayoral candidates, former City Councilman Steve Hogan takes the top spot. Raising $159,722 so far, including $24,263 from the previous fundraising period, Hogan tops his nearest rival by over $30,000 and retains a nearly $40,000 advantage in cash on hand (COH). Campaign finance reports were due to the Aurora City Clerk's office yesterday.

Hogan's contributions ranged from $5 to $5,000 and notable contributions include a $500 donation from the Aurora Fire Fighters Protection Association, proving Hogan’s got stroke with the unions, and $1,500 from the high powered law firm Greenberg Traurig's Colorado Political Action Committee. 

Ryan Frazier's campaign, who entered the race months after Hogan, was second with $125,971 and had $87,876 cash on hand. Frazier's contributions ranged from $10 to $10,000, including a $1000 check from national political analyst and former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris who was the headliner at a Frazier fundraiser recently. 

Coming in third was realtor Jude Sandvall, who raised $23,316 and had $13,489 in his campaign account, including a $3,000 personal loan from the candidate. 

Defector Debbie Stafford pulled in $9,705, of which nearly a third came from the CEO of Wide Open West, Colleen Abdoulah, who donated $3,000. She had $6,742 left to spend.

The other two candidates, Barbara Yamrick and Sheilah Davis, raised no cash from contributors. 

Between the polling numbers released by the Frazier campaign and these fundraising numbers the race is beginning to quickly develop tiers, with Hogan and Frazier in a different league than the rest of the candidates currently. 

Sandvall and Stafford will be fighting for the coveted third spot, hoping to be the candidate that could sneak past what could end up being a bruising battle between Frazier and Hogan. As Hogan's general consultant, Sean Walsh, ran the campaign of Frazier's 7th Congressional district primary opponent, Lang Sias, you can be sure the Hogan camp has done their research on Frazier. 

As Hogan's fundraising numbers showcase, he will have the resources to stay competitive. The question for Hogan's campaign is whether they have the financial wherewithall to keep on par in fundraising with Frazier going forward. 

To see the full Aurora mayor's fundraising reports, click here.

We have also compiled the fundraising numbers for our readers after the jump.

Steve Hogan:

Raised: $159,722.41

COH: $126,719.60

Ryan Frazier:

Raised: $125,971.21

COH: $87,876.75

Jude Sandvall:

Raised: $23,316.00

COH: $13,489.83

Debbie Stafford:

Raised: $9,705.00

COH: $6,742.79

Barbara Yamrick

Raised: $100.00

COH: $76.22

Sheilah Davis: 

Raised: $83.58

COH: $30.00