Maybe Speaker Carroll is feeling a little guilty about throwing around the charge of racism. Swept up in the sudden, liberal political-machine-driven rising tide of racism accusations in Colorado, Carroll made a few foolish remarks about Mayor Hancock’s new DIA greeting.

Possibly attempting to make amends, Carroll tweeted a link to a video of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie defending his nomination of Sohail Mohammed as a judge against the bigoted anti-Muslim attacks Mohammed sustained in recent days.

This, folks, was an actual case of bigotry. And Republican Governor Chris Christie has proven that he suffers no fools and would not stand for the bigoted BS attacks on his nominee.

When actual bigotry occurs, it is absolutely necessary to make a big deal out of it.

The problem is people like David Sirota, Wellington Webb and Terrance Carroll who find racism under every rock. They are the boys who cried racism.

They devalue the label of racism, which should sear the bigot’s behind like a cattle prod, when they toss it at anything that moves. It just doesn’t mean as much when it’s the 15th (false) accusation of racism that week.

We’re glad Carroll recognized Christie’s leadership on fighting actual bigotry. Maybe he should seek Christie’s advice next time before waxing moronic to the Denver Post about Westword blog items.