The end game for the left is the re-election of President Obama; all their eggs are in one basket.

For President Obama to get reelected in this struggling economy he has to have a foil; he desperately needs someone else to blame for his failed economic policies. Blaming Bush ain’t going to cut any longer. He’ll use the House Republicans; he needs to blame the economy on them.

That’s what the debt ceiling PR campaign was all about, press conferences and national addresses to cast blame and establish himself as the centrist leader. It didn’t work; his approval rating with unaffiliated voters dropped and he was forced to cut a deal.

There is more to come and here is how it unfolds.

By the end of September everyone will have forgotten about the debt ceiling fight.

The focus will shift to the 12 appropriations bills that will pass out of the House. The spending bills will be largely in line with the Ryan budget.

At the direction of President Obama the Senate will kill all of the 12 appropriations bills. With 23 Democrat Senators in cycle (counting Sanders and Lieberman), they know that their fortunes are tied directly to the electoral success or failure of Obama.

This spending stalemate will set up the specter of another government shut down. Get ready for October closures of the Washington Monument etc.

The spending battle will ultimately be settled in the passage of a continuing resolution that replaces all 12 approps bills and is designed to run through the 2012 election. The GOP will win the compromise getting the majority of their spending reductions, but the spending reductions will be paltry compared the deficit. Of course, this compromise will infuriate the Tea Party and continue to disappoint the general public.

Congress’ approval rating will be dismal and Bachmann’s will soar, unless Palin enters.

The Sarah-Michelle candidate will win Iowa and South Carolina on her way to the nomination. (It’s Palin’s if she gets in, Bachmann’s otherwise)

Get ready for Sarah-Michelle vs Obama. It’s the match-up the Left wants and it is the match-up they will get.

The left-stream media will absolutely savage the first female candidate for President.

An election that should be a blow-out will be a nail-biter once again settled in three or four very close states. Flip a coin on this one.

Flip a coin on the future of this nation.