Media Matters, who no longer has representation in Colorado thanks to the glorious leadership of ankle-biter Bill Menezes, sent us an email today trying to claim Cory Gardner was being a big mean Republican who doesn't care about people's jobs during a recent townhall meeting. We watched the video and see things just a little differently. See their selectively clipped video here:

Normally, when groups like Media Matters send selectively edited video clips around trying to stir up controversy they choose their clips a little better.

You really would expect better considering the meeting had been astroturfed by their partners in liberal hackery, Move-On.Org

Per The Denver Post:

Many of Gardner's critics were part of the MoveOn.Org group, which generally backs Democratic candidates. About 70 MoveOn members protested prior to his town hall meeting.

The video they did send shows Gardner being honest and forthright with his constituent's complaints about her company shipping jobs overseas and no longer offering two weeks of training every year. He didn't do what most politicians do, which is equivocate and not answer the question. 

In a bit of a Chris Christie-like moment, Gardner straightforwardly tells the constituent that if her company is doing well and still isn't trying to share their success with their employees, then maybe it's not the best company to work for. 

That's called the truth. 

The government can't force her company not to find ways to reduce its costs in this tough economic environment.

A second Move-On minion interjects and falsely claims tax credits are given to companies to train foreign workers. Sorry, whiny liberal, that's called a lie. Gardner was just too nice to tell you that you're a bufoon. But we are more than glad to point that out. 

Gardner's response isn't what the woman wanted to hear, but it was an honest assessment. She apparently was looking for platitudes about how he'll save her job through ineffective grandstanding in Congress and passing laws demanding companies only hire American workers, which of course would be unconstitutional (even for a “living constitution”).

Gardner apparently thinks being truthful is a better policy, even for mindless Move-on minions. 

Gardner also made clear that one of the reasons companies are going overseas is due to the heavy tax burden on companies in the US, which Gardner is actively trying to fix. With the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world — 35% — companies have a disincentive to keep jobs here. By leveling the playing field through giving companies a more competitive tax rate in the US, it would incentive companies to keep jobs here. 

What we really take away from this Move-On/Media Matters collaboration is that they are grasping at straws. If this is the best they've got, then Gardner is looking at smooth sailing for re-election. And that drives liberals insane.

Much like Mark Udall's career, liberals realize if they don't squash a rising star like Gardner soon he'll be too big to take down in a few short years. 

Too bad for them they don’t have much in the way of an effective attack.