Congressman Perlmutter has become confused as to what the word "constituent" means. In touting a meeting with the extremist group, best known for insulting the integrity of the most hallowed General in a generation, General David Petraeus, Perlmutter tried to cast the meeting as one with his "constituents." This is a striking statement, signifying both a willingness to be tied to extremist groups, but also displaying a fundamental misunderstanding of the term "constituent."

Yes, extremists are a constituency, just not the one Perlmutter was elected to represent in the 7th Congressional District.

Following the lead of fellow lily-livered Colorado Democrats, US Senators Michael Bennet and Mark Udall, Perlmutter attempted to organize a petition effort with to call on Washington, DC to pass a jobs bill.

Apparently Colorado Democrats are now community organizers, not legislators.

From Perlmutter’s press release:

On Wednesday afternoon, members of the group came to Perlmutter's Lakewood, CO office to discuss the need for more jobs to stimulate the economy. Instead of just leaving their names and their message, they were greeted with a homework assignment from Perlmutter's office to help gather signatures to deliver to Washington Republican leadership and a one-pager describing Perlmutter's efforts to spur job creation in Colorado including the new VA hospital (10,000+ jobs), the Orion space capsule project (4,000 + private sector jobs), and an upcoming career fair. 

And that is where he screws up his second definition.

A bill that increases government spending, or as Democrats like to call it, “investment,” to build things like a VA hospital and a NASA space capsule is not a job creation bill. It is a spending bill for government projects. Where do the jobs go when the hospital and space capsule are built?

A jobs bill is not one that takes tax dollars from hard working Americans to build government buildings and spaceships. All that does is take money out of the private sector where it is far more effectively spent in terms of stimulating the economy.

Taking a piece of the pie and giving it to others does not expand the pie, it merely redistributes the pie.

When will Democrats understand this basic Econ 101 fact?

Perlmutter ends his press release with the following statement:

We need our constituents to move on past Ed to Washington Republicans with the message it's time to Move. On building good jobs for Americans now.

Besides the poor grammar and too cute by half attempt at working Move-On into the statement, we agree: it's time to move on past Ed Perlmutter.