Despite being around less time than it took John Morse to rack up more per diem payments than the average American salary, things have gone exceedingly well for us at Colorado Peak Politics. The outpouring of support, tips and feedback has been incredible, culminating in a few awards for which we have been nominated by our loyal readers.

A few weeks ago, The Washington Post honored The Spot and our friends at Complete Colorado and Peoples Press Collective, along with the Peak, with the first round selection as the best political blogs in Colorado. We have to admit, winning tasted so much sweeter knowing that conservatives swept the first round, leaving the liberal trolls at Square State and ColoradoPols fuming.

This week CBS4 nominated the Peak for its Most Valuable Blogger awards in the local affairs category. In their nomination, CBS4 described us thusly:

"New to the scene this year [Colorado Peak Politics] has already proven their chops by leading on many stories that the mainstream media has eventually followed."

The voting goes until September 9 and if you're so inclined, you can click here to vote for the Peak. In a seeming nod to Chicago politics, you can vote early and often, as the rules allow voters to cast their ballots once per day in each category. So if you really love us, feel free to vote regularly.

Also nominated in the local affairs category for the CBS4 awards are Peoples Press Collective and the Independence Institute's Energy Policy blog. Like higher taxes and state mandated child care greetings, liberal blogs have become old and stale. It's good to be a conservative blogger these days.

Thankfully the fine folks at The Washington Post and CBS4 didn't mind our less than public persona, but our shrouded identity didn't play so well for us with Politico.

In a special, glossy edition magazine that Politico puts out only a few times a year, they had a series entitled "50 Politicos to Watch." One of our favorite Politico reporters, David Catanese, who covers Congressional and Gubernatorial elections across the country, asked his readers for nominations for the best up and coming political blogs in the country.

We must share a large audience with Catanese as he tweeted a few days later that there had been a huge outpouring of support for Colorado Peak Politics. Thanks to the nominations of our dedicated readers the Peak was chosen as one of five blogs to watch in the nation for recognition by the premier political publication in the country.

Unfortunately for us, mere days before the magazine went to print, Catanese's editor decided that our anonymous nature would be a disqualification for the award. It occurred so late in the process that Politico still accidentally emailed us an invitation to the launch party for the issue.

Given the option of unveiling ourselves to claim the accolade, we chose to remain nameless. Why would we end the parlor game so soon? For a lousy award? No way. Like Maverick in Top Gun we don't need no stinking trophy to prove that we can shoot down the bad guys.

But, hey, even though we don't need no award to continue taking the Pat Stryker brigade down a notch, we prefer to win. And winning these awards infuriates the left. That, in and of itself, is reason enough to vote for us at CBS4.