All is not well in the world of legislative Democrats. For the second time this year, state Senate Democrats seem to be sticking it to their colleagues in the state House over the biennial process of redrawing district lines to reflect population changes. The first screwing saw Senate President Brandon Shaffer attempt to "Brandon-Mander" his own Congressional district for his 2012 run, at the expense of a winnable district for House Minority Leader Sal Pace's own Congressional campaign. 

The repeat performance of Capitol Democrat backstabbing is becoming clear with news that Representative Matt Jones (D-Louisville), who sits on the Reapportionment Commission, has announced a run for a state Senate seat.

Wondering why House Democrats got screwed and Senate Democrats got a good deal in the reapportionment process that is redrawing all 65 House and 35 Senate districts? Maybe that is because Senate Democrats actually had two proxies on the commission and House Democrats had none. After all, why would Matt Jones care about the plight of House Democrats when, apparently, his intention was to run for the Senate all along. Meanwhile, Sal Pace, who is off running for Congress, wouldn't have had time to manage reappportionment for the caucus he was elected to serve.

So what was left to Claire Levy, Andy Kerr and the rest of the Democrats who are hoping to again serve in the Colorado House when these new maps get new Representatives in 2013?

Jack and squat. The Senate Democrats cut a deal for themselves, and left their "friends" in the House for political dead.

Guess Senate Democrats aren't that interested in seeing a Speaker Mark Ferrandino, who has become the virtual House Minority Leader in Pace's absence.

While Sal Pace is hoping the court cuts him a good deal on CD3, where his "friend" Brandon Shaffer wouldn't, state House Democrats won't be able to look to the courts at this point to do all the drawing. 

Congressional redistricting was pushed into the courts after Senate President and now Congressional candidate Brandon Shaffer refused to compromise on any maps that would not boost his chances in CD4, a ploy that has become known as the "Brandon-Mander."

Reapportionment, on the other hand, can't simply be pushed towards the liberal appointee-dominated courts.

Deals must be struck. 

And it's looking like state House Democrats drew the short straw in the Democrat caucus for which Chamber mattered more.