This will come as news to Brandon Shaffer, the state Senate President, 4th CD Democrat Candidate, and machine liberal politician: Barack Obama is President and the Democrats and Harry Reid control the US Senate.  

We say it is news to Shaffer because in a fundraising email yesterday where he decries partisanship, Shaffer also engages is the most dishonest partisan attacks by blaming the House Republicans for everything that is wrong with America.

Shaffer must think his email recipients fools, believing he can attack Washington, DC while engaging in the oldest DC past time of all — blaming the other side for all that ails the world. It's not very believable either, as his own party controls two thirds of the legislative levers and controlled all of them only last year.

If the world is in trouble, and government is to blame, there is no one else to blame than those who have run the federal government for the last couple of years.

But who does Shaffer blame? The party not in control in Washington. From his email:

Why?  Because Washington is broken.  This is no longer a minor debate about slightly different ways of moving forward.  Let's be clear — the right wing takeover of the U.S. House led to the full faith and credit of the United States being put at risk.  As a result, S&P downgraded our credit, the world markets are all shuddering, and it's having a profound impact on our economy.

Enough  is enough.  It's time to kick out the incumbent politicians who led us  down this path.  Please join my effort to bring Colorado solutions to Washington — click here to invest $10, $25 or even $100 in this campaign.

I'm running for Congress because our politics are beyond broken, and we need new ideas, new solutions, and new leaders in Congress.  Leaders who are willing to buck the ideologues in their party to stand up for the middle class that desperately needs help from Washington.

Don't worry, like DC politicians he has a solution. Give money to his campaign. No policy ideas, just a plea for campaign cash. 

See how much change he has to believe in?

But who is Shaffer kidding? He can play the blame game all he wants. State Senate President Democrat lawyers, like Stan Matsunaka in 2002 and 2004, don't generally fare so well in the 4th Congressional District.

In fact, some may say his campaign is already (a) toast(er).