Did anyone catch Bob Beckel's pompous and arrogant racist rant on Fox News's "The Five" show on Friday? After being forced to apologize for slipping into a Southern twang and referring to rednecks who eat Moonpies and RC Cola, Beckel drops the racial epithet "Chinamen" in his apology. In the apology for the apology, Beckel says "he's a liberal and can get away with this stuff."

In that tad bit too honest statement, Beckel exposed the entire liberal outrage machine. Only conservatives can be called racists, because of their politics, not because of what they say. Liberals can touch the rhetorical racist tar baby all they want and not get stuck. 

If that wasn't true, why haven't we received emails from the long list of liberal special interest groups calling Beckel out for his remarks? Liberal blog Mediaite, who was first to report on the incident, found it funny. Had that been a conservative host we have a hard time believing humor is how they would have taken it. 

Not only can liberals be racist pigs, but they can falsely accuse others of racism and not be forced to apologize. Ask Mayor Webb about that one. 

All of this is a precursor to the continued ranting about Congressman Doug Lamborn, who quickly issued a statement apologizing for his, umm, inartful choice of words, only to be filleted by liberals for weeks anyway.

When you see the Left’s (non) response to the purposeful racial provocations of people like Webb and Beckel, it gets a little hard to stomach their race-based attacks on conservatives like Lamborn.