In an interview with Colorado News Agency's Peter Blake, state Senator Rollie Heath (D-Boulder) bragged that while many of his fellow Democrat legislators haven't publicly endorsed his tax increase they did gather signatures for the effort. That piqued our interest, wondering who these tax hike cowards were that wouldn't admit to supporting higher taxes, but quietly collected signatures to do just that.

So we did a little research.

The Peak has obtained the list of petition circulators who gathered signatures for Rollie Heath and found a bevy of Democrat legislators who previously haven't come out in support of the tax hike. Since they won't out themselves as supporters of an initiative that an independent study found could kill 119,700 jobs, we feel it is in the public's interest that we do so.

While Senators Hudak and Bacon and Representative Solano have been leading cheerleaders for raising taxes and killing jobs, standing behind Rollie at his tax hike press conferences, the rest of the Democrat state Representatives and state Senators below have not made their support open and honest. 


Mary Hodge (D-Brighton)

Evie Hudak (D-Westminster)

Pat Steadman (D-Denver)

Jeanne Nicholson (D-Black Hawk)

Bob Bacon (D-Ft. Collins)


Deb Gardner (D-Longmont) *Rep. Gardner also donated $150 to Bright Colorado

Nancy Todd (D-Aurora)

Judy Solano (D-Brighton)

Dickey Lee Hullinghorst (D-Boulder)

Nobody likes a politician who doesn't have the guts to put their public stamp of approval on policies they push. 

Thanks to the Peak they can hide no longer. Now they have to answer to their constituents: why do they support an initiative that will kill almost 120,000 jobs in Colorado and increase taxes by $3 Billion in the middle of the Great Recession?

(If you notice any more politicians on the list that we missed, you can email the Peak at [email protected])