Denver Congresswoman Diana “Do Nothing” DeGette and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi held a private roundtable with female business owners in Denver yesterday. In keeping with DeGette's policy of having no public meetings during her recess, it was closed to the public. But it was recorded by the press and the business owners gave Pelosi and DeGette an earful about their failure to help them create jobs.

What did they complain about more than anything? Burdensome regulation that is killing jobs. 

From the AP write up:

Diana Gadison, owner of Denver child-care provider Early Success Academy, said confusing regulations scare many away from owning their own businesses. [Peak emphasis]

“It's very difficult when you're a little person to go down to the city offices and try to maneuver the processes,” Gadison said.

Trying to navigate different rules laid out by federal, state and local governments wrap folks up “till you are so confused that you say, 'Forget it. I don't want to do this,'” she said to applause from about 200 invited guests in a forum at the Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Several other business owners laid out similar complaints. They don't like regulation. They need more help figuring out the system. Some called on Congress to address why more women aren't leading large corporations.

 What was Pelosi and DeGette's response to this?

DeGette said Democrats are working on streamlining business regulation. But she told the crowd that “the devil's in the details” and that Democrats want to “make sure we don't eliminate regulations that protect health and well-being in the name of streamlining things.”

You were kidding, Miz DeGette, right?

Democrats are working on streamlining regulations? Like passing a billion new confusing rules and regulations through Obamacare?

Democrats are streamlining regulations and McDonalds sells healthy and slimming food. 

To make matters worse for the two Democrats, the attendees who voiced these concerns were not raving right wing lunatics, they were handpicked for the event.

Per The Denver Post:

Congresswoman Diana DeGette and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi swooped into Denver this afternoon to sit down and chat with a hand-picked panel of female business owners. [Peak emphasis]

Even in the most liberal town in the state, with business owners handpicked by Pelosi and DeGette, the overriding concern is burdensome and job-killing regulations.

Are you listening, Miz Pelosi? Miz DeGette? What else will it take for the simple fact that regulations are killing economic growth to sink in for you?