A few months back we posted a video of Cory Gardner throttling an EPA bureaucrat into admitting the EPA doesn't look at the employment impact of its regulations. That video went viral quickly, racking up over 65,000 views. It was an important moment caught on tape, as it highlighted the fact that the Obama administration doesn't even bother to figure out how detrimental its new proposed regulations are to employment.

Now that infamous exchange has made it into Mitt Romney's recently released jobs plan (PDF). Check out page 28 from the report:

As we've said before, Cory Gardner is a rising star in Washington, DC. That's probably why the Democrats decided to draw Brandon Shaffer out of Gardner’s 4th CD. Why waste the resources and redistricting position on an almost-certain-to-fail campaign?

As Colorado's best Congressional fundraiser and now someone being quoted by leading Presidential candidates, Gardner is quickly making his mark on the national scene.

The messaging war over proposed EPA regulations is being dominated by conservatives like Gardner who have long complained about the devastating impacts regulation can have. 

Even an audience handpicked by Diana DeGette and Nancy Pelosi in Denver complained of the heavy hand of government regulation.

Just last week, Obama caved to conservatives on his proposed smog rules — it seems enviros just can't find allies anywhere these days

In the war for smart regulations that don't strangle a weakened economy, conservatives are winning and Cory Gardner is helping lead the charge.