In an interview with the Colorado Statesman recently, state Senator Rollie Heath (D-Boulder) divulged a "wink and nod" deal he has with Governor Hickenlooper on Heath's $3 billion tax increase known as Prop 103. The good governor has so far refused to take a position either in support of, or opposition to, the only statewide initiative on the ballot this year. Now we know why.

From Peter Marcus at the Colorado Statesman:

But Heath believes the governor’s tone has already changed. He points out that the governor had repeatedly stated on the campaign trail that there is “no appetite” for a tax increase in Colorado. Heath says Hickenlooper is not saying that anymore. He believes the governor would support the tax increase had he not made the campaign promise last year.  

“You’ve probably noticed that the governor has changed his rhetoric dramatically — he’s not saying that there’s no appetite for a tax increase, so his rhetoric is very different than it was,” said Heath.  

He believes Hickenlooper is indirectly campaigning for the tax increase by not opposing it and speaking to the importance of investing in education in Colorado, as the governor did during remarks on Thursday.  

“What he said today, he truly believes, that investing in education is by far our best way out of this,” said Heath. “I’d much prefer him come out and say that he’s just going to endorse it, but I believe he made a campaign promise, and frankly, I know he’s not going to oppose it.” [Peak emphasis]

Props are due to Peter Marcus for going where no one else wants — into the dark and secretive realm of Hick’s political hidey hole — a place Hick visits with increasing frequency. Like an undisclosed location for those lacking political stones.

What kind of backroom deal did Hickenlooper make with Heath and other supporters of the job killing Prop 103?

These backroom deals with legislators are usually supposed to stay in the, you know, backroom, but Heath let it slip when trying to brag about the support for his tax increase. 

We found it odd that Hickenlooper would forcefully come out against the mandatory sick leave pay initiative in Denver, because it would kill jobs, but would stay on the sidelines on Prop 103 — which an independent study shows could kill up to 120,000 jobs in Colorado. 

Maybe it's not so odd, but rather just a case of backroom deals in the Democrat Party.