UPDATE: While the Tweeted version of the message was deleted it still remains on Tancredo’s personal Facebook page.


A Tweet posted and quickly deleted by conservative Colorado paragon Tom Tancredo took Texas Governor Rick Perry to task Tuesday for allegedly blocking his ability to speak at Liberty University later this week. There is no love lost between the two, who have been political enemies for many years, primarily on the issue of immigration. 

The now-deleted Tweet said:

@ttancredo Tom Tancredo
I have just been told that Perry's people forced the Liberty admin to refuse to let me speak. Wonder why? I can think of a few reasons…

Tancredo has been a vocal opponent of Perry's immigration record, even penning a Politico Op-Ed entitled "Perry Not A True Conservative" weeks before Perry entered the Presidential primary. 

His main complaints against Perry are over Perry's opposition to Arizona's anti-illegal immigration SB 1070 law, his signing of a law allowing in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants, and opposition to E-Verify, a system used by employers to verify the legal status of prospective workers. 

It's also personal for Tancredo, who said Perry called him a racist in 2008 when he tried to push the other Presidential contenders on the issue of illegal immigration. 

Tancredo, of course, isn't a racist, he just tends to come across that way sometimes. As Lynn Bartels recounts in a brilliant, and heartbreaking, story about the struggles with cancer of Hispanic Democrat "Godfather" Paul Sandoval:

Years later, Sandoval defended his high school rival after Tancredo, then a congressman with a reputation as a firebrand on illegal immigration, was called a racist.  

"I said, 'You know what? You can say a lot of things about Tom Tancredo. Racist is not one of them.' He just believes completely different. And that's OK," Sandoval said.

With Perry taking a shellacking in last night's debate on the issue of immigration, taking fire from the leading anti-immigration voice in the country is not what Perry wanted on this Tuesday.

We also know that Rick Perry is no wilting flower. He took his shots last night and didn't flinch for a second. If Tancredo continues to Tweet with animus, don't be surprised if and when Rick Perry fires back.   


We have asked Tancredo why he deleted the tweet, which was posted around 2:45 MDT, and will update the post when we hear back.