Max Potter, the Executive Editor of 5280 Magazine, Tweeted today to challenge the importance of our Sal Pace criminal record story, asking if it's "much ado about whizzing and Snickers jones." Potter is a respected journalist from a magazine we rather like, and we've been wrong before, so loyal readers tell us, is Sal Pace's public sprinkler problem a serious issue for his candidacy?

On the one hand, people have grown cynical about their politicians. On the other hand, Anthony Weiner.

If the story was just about two stupid moments in college then we'd agree with Potter that the story is much ado about nothing. People act stupid before they graduate college, grow up and get jobs. Fine.

What we added to great investigative reporting already done by The Denver Post is that Pace had a second arrest for public urination — this time as an adult and high ranking Democrat party operative. Then he failed to show up for court, causing the judge to order a warrant for his arrest.

The second arrest seems to suggest that Pace has been dropping trow in public far more than two times. 

The fact that it occurred at 700 E Colfax Ave in Denver raises even more questions. Who whips it out along one of the most policed streets instead of seeking a bush, or better yet, an actual bathroom? What state of mind would cause someone to do that?

The Anthony Weiner saga centered mostly around the bad judgment Weiner's XXX tweets revealed. While the tawdry angle helped give it legs outside the political section of the paper, it was his poor judgment that caused more serious journalists to say the story had merit.

When he was arrested in 2003, Pace was long out of college and was working as a high level Democrat Party operative, leading to what we think are serious questions about his judgment. 

An even bigger, and more serious question, is why Pace concealed the second arrest, bench warrant for failure to appear, and his driving charges from the press when they asked about his other criminal issues? Is he hiding anything else?

Or is this a dog bites man story? A politician behaving badly just doesn’t impress people any more.

What say you, loyal Peak readers? Is there something there, there to the story?


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