This morning CBS4 announced the winners of its Most Valuable Blogger awards and we are proud to announce that Colorado Peak Politics won both the People's Choice and Editor's Choice award for best local affairs blog! Thanks so much to all of our loyal readers who cast their vote for us. This site would not be where it is today without your tips, commentary and feedback.

When we announced we had been nominated for the award, perennial political ankle-biter Bill Menezes did his best to downplay the nomination, claiming we had stuffed the ballot box. Never mind the fact that we didn't submit a nomination, Menezes in his quest to rain on our parade jumped the gun just a bit. You can't stuff a ballot box for nominations decided by CBS4 editors. 

The Left in Colorado, as we have said many times, has dominated internet politics for years, thanks to heavy helpings of big dollar donor cash. That tide has been turning the last couple of years with the entrance onto the scene of great sites like Peoples Press Collective, Complete Colorado and WhoSaidYouSaid.

The tectonic shift has not been easy for the Left. ColoradoPols still refuses to refer to us by name or link to our posts when they so clearly are responding directly to them. Unlike with your personal income, they are not fans of "sharing the wealth." It's no wonder folks like Menezes are in full attack mode.   

2011 appears to be the tipping point for politics on the "series of tubes" in Colorado. Conservatives are taking over. 

While Menezes may Tweet again trying to claim ballot box stuffing, he'll have a hard time applying that slander to the Editor's Choice award. 

Don't worry, this is the infamous Bill Menezes of the now defunct Colorado Media Matters, who spent a couple years there trying to convince the world there was a great, big conservative media conspiracy. Yea, and Lord Xenu brought humans to earth 75 million years ago. To Menezes, our win is just a reflection of that continuing conspiracy.

Come on guys, he is super cereal about the conspiracy. It exists.

On a less snarky note, we are greatly appreciative of the recognition bestowed upon us by our readers and the fine folks at CBS4. 

It's been a great 8 months and we look forward to shaking things up for many more to come.