UPDATE: There’s more. Carrera also donated to the Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee while sitting on the Reapportionment Commission as an “Unaffiliated,” in addition to nearly $6,000 in donations he has made to Democrat federal candidates since 2008.


So-called "Unaffiliated" Chairman of the Reapportionment Commission, Mario Carrera, is far from unaffiliated with any political party, a review of political donation records reveals. Carrera donated to 9 Democrat state-level candidates in Colorado totaling over $2,500 in 2010 (h/t Jon Kl). While Carrera may have left the Democrat Party in voter registration, it's clear through his donations that his loyalties still lie on the left side of the divide.

Carrera also donated $500 to Scott McInnis's Gubernatorial campaign in late 2009. Ritter was a dead man walking at that point as Ritter’s departure from the race a few short days later proved.

Donating to McInnis at that point in the cycle was common for donors looking to curry favor with the frontrunner. CD3 Democrat Congressional candidate Dr. Perry "Massage Therapist Millionaire" Haney also donated $500 to McInnis's campaign during that same period. 

Carrera's deep pockets for Democrats seriously calls into question his image as an "Unaffiliated" voter who was well suited to forge a compromise between Republican and Democrat members of the Reapportionment Commission.

Unaffiliated? I got your Unaffiliated right here.