In a moment of shocking honesty, a leader in Denver's Teamster Local 17 revealed the real reason his union is not supporting the mandatory paid sick leave ballot initiative on the Denver ballot this upcoming fall. The honest truth: it would remove the reason for his union to exist. 

Yes, you heard that right. A union boss admitted that his union is more concerned about their political power and influence than the workers they purportedly represent. 

Per The Denver Post's Balance Sheet blog:

“Unions are the ones that get these benefits for people. If we let the city do it, what becomes our function,” said , business agent/organizer for the local Teamsters unit.

Ballot initiative 300 would mandate small businesses pay for up to 9 days of sick leave per year for businesses with over 10 employees, and up to 5 days for businesses with less than 10 employees. 

While the Teamsters Local 17 may agree with Hancock and Hickenlooper on Initiative 300, it is for far more avaricious and self-serving reasons.

Turns out unions aren't always motivated by a desire to improve life for workers, but to sustain their grip on power.