Proponents of the Denver paid sick day Initiative 300 are trying to scare voters into support using the deaths from the listeria outbreak through direct mail pieces which have been dubbed "outrageous and disgusting." The initiative, which would require small businesses to pay for up to 9 sick days per year, is being opposed by the majority of the City Council, as well as Mayor Han(d)cock, but the most interesting opponent's views being trumpeted in their own direct mail pieces are that of Governor No Opinion Hickenlooper.

The No on 300 campaign, run by a group called Keep Denver Competitive, uses the Governor's words to brand its argument. From the mailer:

"You could not pick a worse initiative at the present time. If anything it's going to cost jobs. — Governor John Hickenlooper"

Governor Hickenlooper apparently believes it's appropriate to be outspoken on a city issue, but okay to stay mum on a statewide one. Sometimes we wonder if he forgets that he is no longer Mayor. Why would Hickenlooper pick one fight, while avoiding the other?

In a hint to his governing philosophy, Hick told conservative columnist George Will this:

[Hickenlooper] says, "We are such a purple state" — Colorado is about one-third Republican, one-third Democrat and one-third unaffiliated — "we can avoid the big fights."

Apparently avoiding the big fights, like the $3 Billion tax increase known as Prop 103 that a study has predicted could kill up to 119,700 jobs, allows for plenty of time to engage in the small fights. 

Hick's made that a governing philosophy in avoiding redistricting, Prop 103 and other high profile debates that define the state's political future, while butting into piddling municipal peeing contests.

As readers of this site know, peeing contests are best left to Sal Pace, not Governors with sky-high approval ratings. 

By wading into Initiative 300 and running to his governance hidey hole on Prop 103, Hick has proved himself to be a small ball Governor. Leadership by incrementalism is no leadership at all.


A copy of the anti-Initiative 300 direct mail piece can be found here.

A copy of the pro-Initiative 300 direct mail piece can be found here.